My Favorite Bass Lures

I’ve been bass fishing for close on 20 years now and along the way I have used a lot of different bass lures.

One thing is for certain bass fishermen are spoiled for choice when it comes the number of different types, colors, shapes and sizes of lures that can be bought.

It’s not uncommon to see a bass fisherman’s boat with up to 5 different tackle box’s all filled with lures.

Different lures are used best at different times of the year and it is usually tied into where and when the bass are moving about on the lakes.

My Top 5 Bass Lures

Here are a few of my top choices, in no particular order:



Spinnerbaits are great as just like cranbaits they can be used to cover a lot of water. They do look slightly odd with their spinning blade and  plastic skirt or head but are still strangely affective.

They are also fairly weedless so if you are fishing beside a lot of weed cover in the summer you can almost be sure that you won’t end up with weed on your hook. The reason they are weedless baits is that the rubber skirt will usually over the hook and protects it from picking up any weed.



I love fishing crankbaits! Cranbaits will almost always be imitating small bait fish that the bass will feed on naturally. And because they imitate small fish that the bass will chase after you can almost always be certain that the bass will hit the crankbaits pretty hard.

This makes for a lot of fun. My favorite types are usually a shade imitator with some kind of natural pattern painted on. Occasionally though the un-natural bright colors can do very well especially in darker waters.

Plastic Worms

Plastic worms work best when the bass are slow moving and you can get it in front of them. Once in front of them a slight twice is what I find best to entice the bass into striking.

You can also get scented ones too but I don’t use them all that often.



Jigs are a bit like worms also in that they can be really affective when the bass are feeling a little bit lazy. A good jig works best as it sinks down or around some kind of underwater structure.

Getting the best out of fishing a jig for bass means that you should be trying to cast as accurately as possible so it sinks right where you want it.

Topwater Lures

Topwater lures are even more exciting than when you are fishing a cranbait. With a topwater you get to see the bass striking the lure.

Topwater lures come in all shapes and sizes and some of them will imitate the different creatures that bass will feed on like small frogs, baby ducks and even large crickets.

Some topwater lures will also have a small spinner on the back. As the lure moves through the water the spinner will causes a wake behind the lure. This is a very powerful attractant to the bass who will generally hunt by sight especially in the top few feet of water.


There you have my favorite bass lures of course the colors and sizes will generally depend on where you are fishing and how bright the sun is on that particular day.

Personally I have hundreds of lures collected down through the years heck my wife thinks I have a slight obsession 🙂

If you are just starting out best to ask an experienced fisherman in your local area and they can try to steer you in the right direction.



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